Friday, 18 November 2011

What are the benefits of having Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management?

Reduced operational costs:

Probably the biggest factor in vehicle tracking is that you can live track all vehicles and monitor the fuel usage, including mileage and fuel abuse, speeding, out of hours usage, driver behaviour. You can also direct drivers to the best driving routes and highlight when the vehicles engine is left running and burning unnecessary fuel. By having a fleet management platform it means that you can manage your staff and their vehicles more effectively which in turn means that you can increase the company’s productivity. Studies show that we can reduce a company’s fuel bill by an average of 8.9%.

Better vehicle management:

Fleet management platforms offer the opportunity to be able to live track your vehicles meaning that if an emergency jobs pop up you can easily identify a vehicle through the ‘nearest vehicle finder’ application. This means you can complete jobs quicker, keep fuel costs to a minimum and will ultimately allow increased productivity.

Happy customers:

With vehicle tracking it enables you to be much more accurate on delivery times to customers. Nobody wants to wait for a delivery between the hours of 8.30am – 6pm, it is a massive inconvenience. Having your routes planned out means keeping the customer better informed, happier and may well give you the competitive edge over other businesses which in this economic climate is vital. This will then inevitably increase your company’s productivity and image.

Reduced paperwork:

Vehicle tracking can cut out the need for manual time sheets, overtime sheets and delivery records and make this kind of administration much more accurate. It means that admin staff can stop chasing the whereabouts of drivers, vehicles and paperwork and get on with other important tasks.

Reduced insurance premiums:

Car insurance companies have also recognised the benefits of vehicle tracking and by installing a vehicle tracking system you could reduce your insurance premiums by a significant amount. Also, if one of your vehicles is ever stolen, the Business Vehicle Tracking platform can be used as a recovery tool as the units are hidden away the thieves will not realise that they are being live tracked.

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