Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vehicle Tracking Benefits

What driver wouldn’t want their employer to know they are working hard?

Since working at Business Vehicle Tracking I have found that the biggest obstacle to overcome is that companies do not want Vehicle Tracking as they trust their staff, and feel that if they have units installed into the company vehicles, that it will send a negative signal out to their staff and they will feel let down and that that they are not trusted.

Vehicle tracking and the term ‘big brother’ are often used in the same sentence and there is a perception that there will be staff unrest if they start to get monitored.

It is important that the decision makers/Directors/Transport Managers understand how Vehicle Tracking can actually help out the drivers as well as see the cost savings that they can make. Normally the drivers who are dead against having trackers installed are the ones that aren’t pulling their weight and that they actually have something to hide.

Drivers face everyday problems when on the road such as unfair customer complaints, fraudulent insurance claims against goods not being delivered, drivers turning up late and therefore not being paid for deliveries. All these can be eradicated through the use of a simple Fleet Management Platform. There are also parameters that can be set up not to track private mileage at weekends if drivers feel like they are being watched 24/7.

Many businesses have also bought in bonus schemes to reward drivers who are meeting delivery times, working that extra mile to ensure good customer service or never starting work late.

There are always ways to bring in healthy competition between drivers through the use of Business Vehicle Tracking, you can see which driver is the most economical, who doesn’t ever break the speed limit, the highest MPG, these again can be rewarded with financial incentives so it isn’t all bad for the driver.

GOOD and TRUSTED drivers really have nothing to worry about and that these are just a few of the areas where even the most basic tracking solution could benefit drivers. To find out more visit Business Vehicle Tracking.

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