Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Improve Your Customer Service, Understand Your Delivery Patterns And Use Geo-Fencing

Improve your customer service, understand your delivery patterns and use geo-fencing.

As telematics systems improve this can have a knock on effect to your business and the customer experience you deliver. One feature that we have promoted to our customers that have contact with regular clients (Vending, Security, Homecare sectors etc) or have a delivery arm is that of ring-fencing off each customer/client. Imagine that you are delivering goods that don’t need to be signed for on a daily basis, how do you know that your vehicle went to that address and actually carried out their duties?

Through our Points of Interest (POI) or geo-fencing feature we have the ability to ring-fence off every single address that your vehicle will visit, meaning that when your delivery driver visits POI’s you will receive a location stamp detailing date and time of vehicle entry and exit.

Our system allows up to 10,000 POI’s to be uploaded at one time and these can be imported via our support team at Business Vehicle Tracking giving you improved customer service and the historical data to help you resolve customer disputes and queries.

A number of our customers have used this feature to streamline their delivery routes, they realised that each vehicle could carry out more drops than they originally thought due to drivers finishing early or taking unnecessary breaks during the night. The company looked at how they could reduce the vehicles on the road and increase each delivery route and via the reports from the telematics system they were able to take 25% of their fleet off the road, meaning fuel bills were reduced as well as staffing hours saving them £150,000 in the first year of having a vehicle tracking system installed.

Another way in which we can use the POI or geo-fencing feature is to ensure that vehicles do not leave locations, we operate our telematics system on a number of the UK seaports and all their vehicles are not allowed to leave site unless authorised so you can see that this type of feature can help many different types of companies. We also have set this up for a Gritter company, they wanted all customers they spread salt for ring-fenced off so they could prove that the vehicles entered and exited their premises each night they were required.

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