Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tackling Fuel Fraud And Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Cost Reporting and Fuel Monitoring features can help the fight against fuel fraud.

One requirement that has been coming ever more frequently with Vehicle Tracking is the necessity to cut out fuel fraud. It is all too regular that drivers fail to give the petrol stations the correct number plate and mileage and what is to stop an employee giving their partner or friend a fuel card?

Nowadays matching up fuel card data with a Vehicle Tracking platform is getting so much easier, even being able to identify if a vehicle was actually at a specific fuel station only takes a matter of seconds.

We identified several employees within a sales based firm that were actually committing fuel fraud, how could a driver fill up 2 tanks worth £70 each in the space of 3 days? Our Vehicle Timesheet reported that he only drove 130 miles and with minimal idling time (7 minutes), we worked out that his Diesel car would have to be doing close to 10mpg in a car that averages closer to 60mpg, we also knew what date and time the fuel receipt was printed and when we matched this to the fleet management platform his company car was 42 miles away from the garage, therefore the evidence was so much against the employee that he lost his job and all over £40 worth of fuel, or it could have been more, unfortunately the fleet tracking solution was only in place for a month so we were unable to monitor behaviour before then.

The problem can be so much larger for a bigger organisation and fuel fraud could run into the £1000’s also fuel syphoning is on the up as a way round handing out your fuel card but the Vehicle Tracking market is now being flooded with CANbus solutions and fuel monitoring devices. It is great to see so many ways in which companies can tackle things like fuel fraud, there will always be people who can beat the system, but it is our job to make it harder and harder for fraudsters and in the end employees will get caught!


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  2. Great blog, interesting subjects. It's amazing how far tracking technology has come and how many things you can actually monitor about the way your fleet is used. We are in need of more online exposure of tracking technology as very few websites keep updating their content, so keep up the good work!