Thursday 21 August 2014

Where are my Trailers?

These are just some questions that we ask Transport and Operation Managers as we know that there are huge savings to be made through having a standard trailer tracking unit installed on to your fleet with the option of a temperature monitoring device if you have refrigerated trailers.

Question: Do you know where your trailers are and are they being utilized?

Answer: Not sure, need to dig through the paper trail and make a few calls to see what is free and where they are?

Solution: This is the normal reaction and generally results in the need to hire another one but at what cost? The Trailer tracking system would highlight to you all trailers that are currently not in use, meaning you can identify instantly a trailer that you can use elsewhere with no extra charge, if you determine that no trailers are free then you can then look to hire one knowing you are not spending unnecessarily.

Question: If a loads temperature/goods are questioned how long is it taken off the road for? Are you then charged to cover the loss of a load and at what cost?

Answer: Normally they are off the road for up to 48 hours, by the time it has been resolved the goods have perished; this can lose us in excess of £10,000 on a full load.

Solution: Having to cover the cost of a lost load due to the temperature/goods being questioned can run into the £1,000’s. The trailer tracking system with Temp Monitoring can give you real time information back to the end-user; this will solve any disputes instantly and will allow the trailer to be released without the loss of goods or to assist you in unforeseen claims.

Question: In man hours how long does it take you to do a trailer audit?

Answer: We had to ask each depo to submit trailer locations, and it involved around 10 people overall, however we finally got all the locations and we submitted it after 2 weeks.

Solution: Paper auditing is the most common way to locate trailers but it isn’t efficient. We can set up the system to do a trailer audit every day or you can run a report that will give you an instant audit, meaning you and your workforce can focus on other business issues.

Question: What security measures do you have in place if a trailer is lost or stolen?

Answer: We have no security measures in place; if a trailer gets stolen we normally concede we will never see it again.

Solution: Through having an internal battery on the tracking unit we can track the trailer once it starts moving, therefore if stolen we will always have a location stamp to go by and then to recover the stolen trailer.

Case Study: Undisclosed

Fleet Size (Trailer): 120


We had the following goals when finding a Trailer Tracking Solution:       See the current and historical location of our trailers – Our trailers are not tracking therefore we have to rely on paper system

·         Automated auditing – Currently paper audit is taking up to 3 weeks to complete, once completed many trailers have moved location

·         Optimise Trailer Usage – There are instances where our trailers are pending collection from the last job and we are still renting additional trailers, a tracking system would ensure we can utilise our own fleet before additional costs need to be spent

·         Lower the cost of renting additional Trailers – We have rented trailers as we haven’t got a system in place to identify trailers quick enough that aren’t being used

·         Monitor the Temperature within the trailers to protect from customer disputes / insurance claims – When a query is raised against a trailer road it has to be immediately put aside and inspected, in the past this has taken up to 48 hours and by the time is has been analysed the stock has perished

·         Increase Security – It has been known that trailers have been stolen and it has taken 14 days before it has been brought to Management

The Business Vehicle Tracking trailer tracking solution allows us to audit where our trailers are at any point at a click of a button and a full history of where it has been and what time it was there. Paired with the temperature monitoring this will be invaluable information for the running of our business and iron out any disputes that previously have cost us downtime and money.

We now get an email every morning highlighting vehicles that are not being utilised which allows as to put the trailer to work that have been overlooked.


Business Vehicle Tracking installed trackers into our trailers which were located at 5 branches across the UK. We had a few stragglers that couldn’t get back to our offices at the agreed time so these were done separately, in some cases on our customers sites.

Once installed our account manager imported our customer address database into the system and now, when running reports, we can get customer names appearing rather than an address that we have to look up and verify. Everything has been well designed to optimise the time to get the required information out of the system.


We chose the Business Vehicle Tracking trailer tracking system as it delivered what no other provider could and within our budget. Since having the system installed we have been able to get on top of our trailers and utilise them rather than renting trailers which in itself will pay for the system in the first 6 months. We have also seen a reduction in claims for contaminated loads as we are providing our customers with load temperature data which seems to be working as a deterrent from fraudulent claims.

Overall we have seen great results from having the system installed and our only frustration is that we didn’t do it earlier…

Thursday 27 February 2014

Figures that spell out why you should invest in a vehicle tracking system

In the latest Telematics study the below figures will demonstrate why it is essential that all businesses with a fleet should invest in a Vehicle Tracking system.

GPS vehicle tracking has proven to reduce fuel costs; GPS vehicle tracking systems have helped companies reduce fuel costs by 13% on average.

·         Cutting down on private journeys
·         Reducing unnecessary journeys
·         Monitoring driver behaviour to improve MPG’s

When implementing fleet tracking companies often realize a 23% increase in the total number of service calls completed per day per technician

·         Using the nearest vehicle finder will ensure the most suited vehicle is used
·         Increase in productivity and efficiency

Companies have seen a 46% increase in the percentage of time that service technicians arrive within the promised response time

·         Improvement in customer service
·         Analyse vehicle arrival and departure times through automated reporting
·         Give the Fleet Manager live feedback on vehicle whereabouts

On average there has been a 16.4% increase in service revenues because of improvement in customer service alone.

·         Increase in customer service means more referrals
·         Better company imagine
·         Builds more trust with customer and increase return business

According to the NHTSA, 66% of all accidents resulting in fatalities are the result of aggressive driving

·         Monitor driver behaviour and speeds of vehicles
·         Less accidents mean less claims therefore cheaper insurance premiums

*Data provided by the Aberdeen Group, leading research company.

Monday 17 February 2014

Secure Tracking

We are proud to announce a new Secure tracking system that will allow you to add more security to your vehicle and also to assist the police in recovering stolen assets from personal fleet vehicles to generators and plant machinery.

Secure Tracking has many features that can assist the end user in terms of company security as well as having all the standard features that our vehicle tracking system offers. Secure Tracking offers a solution to help prevent misuse, deter theft and aid the police in the recovery process.

Standard features include:

·         24/7 visibility of vehicles and plant/asset machinery via web based interface
·         On screen, text and email alerts for tamper/theft attempts
·         Point of interest entry and exit alerts
·         Shield breach alerting for unauthorised tow away
·         Tamper alerting if the unit is moved without the power activated
·         Power loss alerting if the unit is detached from vehicle power source
·         Alarm mode reporting – plant and equipment locations given
·         Battery back-up facility within unit
·         IP67 rated unit – waterproof casing, effective in all weather conditions
·         Remote immobilisation (additional feature)

Points of interest (POI) alerts – Sent when your plant or equipment enters or exits a pre-set geographical location such as your base or customer site location.

Shield breach alerts – Sent if the plant or equipment is moved outside of a geo-fenced area. This would be activated should the plant or equipment be towed away.

Vehicle tamper alerts – Sent if unit is being moved or vandalised with ignition off.

Power loss alerts – Sent if the tracking unit experiences loss of main power or if the main power supply to the unit is tampered with.

Battery backup – The on-board telematics unit incorporates an internal battery that provides constant visibility even if the unit is disconnected from its main power source.

Remote Immobilisation (additional feature) – Innovative technology allows remote immobilisation of plant and machinery over the air using GSM/GPRS network. This feature gives control to the operators and ensures that plant and equipment is not used in an unauthorised way. Remote immobilisation can be achieved by the operator sending a ‘lockdown’ command in the administration section of the on-line software. The receipt of this message will prevent the plant from starting. If the plant is in transit when the message is received, it will not restart once the ignition has been switched off.

The Tracker sends a daily location heartbeat, even if the plant or equipment has not been switched on.

Application Areas:

        Security & Surveillance
        Plant Machinery
        Farm Machinery
        Work Welfare Cabins

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Improve Your Customer Service, Understand Your Delivery Patterns And Use Geo-Fencing

Improve your customer service, understand your delivery patterns and use geo-fencing.

As telematics systems improve this can have a knock on effect to your business and the customer experience you deliver. One feature that we have promoted to our customers that have contact with regular clients (Vending, Security, Homecare sectors etc) or have a delivery arm is that of ring-fencing off each customer/client. Imagine that you are delivering goods that don’t need to be signed for on a daily basis, how do you know that your vehicle went to that address and actually carried out their duties?

Through our Points of Interest (POI) or geo-fencing feature we have the ability to ring-fence off every single address that your vehicle will visit, meaning that when your delivery driver visits POI’s you will receive a location stamp detailing date and time of vehicle entry and exit.

Our system allows up to 10,000 POI’s to be uploaded at one time and these can be imported via our support team at Business Vehicle Tracking giving you improved customer service and the historical data to help you resolve customer disputes and queries.

A number of our customers have used this feature to streamline their delivery routes, they realised that each vehicle could carry out more drops than they originally thought due to drivers finishing early or taking unnecessary breaks during the night. The company looked at how they could reduce the vehicles on the road and increase each delivery route and via the reports from the telematics system they were able to take 25% of their fleet off the road, meaning fuel bills were reduced as well as staffing hours saving them £150,000 in the first year of having a vehicle tracking system installed.

Another way in which we can use the POI or geo-fencing feature is to ensure that vehicles do not leave locations, we operate our telematics system on a number of the UK seaports and all their vehicles are not allowed to leave site unless authorised so you can see that this type of feature can help many different types of companies. We also have set this up for a Gritter company, they wanted all customers they spread salt for ring-fenced off so they could prove that the vehicles entered and exited their premises each night they were required.

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